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#ALKFW12 was all the rage via twitter hash-tag on Thursday. Pourquoi? It was one of those “you had to be there to know” things - BUT, I’m sharing with you some photos of the night…parce qui I am soo nice hehe ^__^* 
AMANDA LEW KEE Fall/Winter 2012 collection presentation was held at The Hoxton on Thursday March 08th 2012 for a VERY select attendee list. An intimate gathering, if I say so myself. Even though the night was delayed, I didn’t mind since it gave me more time to reunite + mingle with friends. SO, this was not like another typical "runway" + "models" collection showcasing. Again, pourquoi?? 
First, to state the obvious, there was no runway, sitting layout, media pit. Instead, the show opted for an OUT OF THE BOX presentation with two screens projecting a collection film! (watch the collection here)
It was a refreshing take on "what is a presentation?" 
Second, if you noticed (or if you were there), the "model" in the film was the designer herself! Amanda Lew Kee going back to the raw essence of her collection ”what is a muse?” When a designer models his/her own clothes, it gives off a more personal touch and not just another "label." (je pense)
Apres the film, the clothing was rolled out and attendees were able to get up close and personal to the clothes AND designer. Meaning: you can take a closer look at the detailing and design yourself. feel free to touch.
Alas, I’m concluding this post by stating that this is NOT a fashion critique on the collection, choice of presentation and whatnot - I’m sure you have read a few by now…and that is why I’ve kept it basic and general. 

> ON A BRIGHT NOTE: I finally got to reunite with some fabulous people in my life!
my “rudeee’boy” darling JAY STRUT!! 
ultimate cute duo of, Toronto Is Fashion (Marc + Richard)!
& OF COURSE the ultra fabulous lady (aka. the life everyone wants lol) GetJanet and Canadian recording artist and beauty, Kreesha Turner!! (photo: Janet’s personal photo) 
that’s it that’s all folks. 
until next time… 

TK (@imesotk)

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