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Dear Citizens of the World,

How about we stop the idiotic chucks and giggles for a moment to discuss what matters! (I say this as an exclamation and not as a question). To put it as simple as I can, it’s time to put your mouth where your money is! At the end of the day, cliche like “it’s not about the money” just isn’t going to cut it – it’s going to be about what/how much you have done to show…

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I got SEOUL / thanks to @korelimited - keeping our roots eternal!♥♥ 땡규 오빠 ^_^ #KORElimited

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OMG never knew how adorable #brownbears were until now!!

Let the beat drop x Panasonic RP-HC800 파나소닉 헤드폰 @Panasonic @EnvironicsPR @PanasonicUSA


*Sponsored Product from Panasonic*

고마워용! ^_^ domo arigato #panasonicconnect for this! @PanasonicUSA @panasonic time to test its capabilities…
THERESA TK 김혜랑 (@IMESOTK) May 27, 2014

The day after yesterday. Testing out what the true experience of Panasonic’s “noise cancelling headphones” is about, courtesy of new friends at Panasonic Canada (introduced through Michael…

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BRAGGING RIGHTS | KRNFX TKO’S 비트 박스 챔피언 @krnfx @claracmusic @davidchoimusic


This is to make up for the lack of days that I simply don’t get to brag enough about the wicked talented people I know! Always on the move and touring worldwide for thousands millions of fans, Terry (also known as, ‘KRNFX‘ to the public), is a powerful performer and artist who is conquering everything in sight!!  Just recently, KRNFXand Mike Song 오빠 (yes, Mike Song from way back ‘MTV’s America’s…

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Update | DIMA 2014 x #KPOPINDUBAI 케이팝인두바이♪ @DIMAwards @emirates #HallyuAmbassador #media

DIMA award logo
mar7aba 방가방가 mes cheris!

I’ve received a lot of messages about the Dubai International Music Awards and if I could explain how the process works, who will be performing, where to buy tickets, when will it take places, etc. If you’ve missed on the basics of what DIMA is, you are more than welcomed to read about it, here.

But then again, because society these days are too quick to get to the last…

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ONE HEART FILMS | Stories of Love 웨딩 비디오 그래피 @oneheartfilms #weddingvideography #torontoweddings


Truth: No matter how much you want to deny it (to be “practical”), you’re kind of way over your head in planning for this perfect wedding with extravagant luxuries! Seriously, it’s all about customized detailing on everything and anything! *goal? make it fabulous enough to make your fr-enemies die with raging envy* Ladies, don’t deny that thought of needing to find the Disney princess dress of…

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땡규 틴탑 thanks TEEN TOP★ #highkicktour stopover in Toronto, complete…until next time! & now back to Seoul…


Interior Design | Hard Rock Palm Springs 2.0 #architecture #interiordesign #palmsprings


When hearing “Palm Springs,” one usually associated the place with a golf vacation and/or retirement. Don’t be getting “Hard Rock Hotel” confused with the famously known, Hard Rock Cafe! Hosting 163 rooms and suites, this oasis hotel is a home away from home, treasure gem. Interior designs by Mister Important Design, this edgy hotel brings another vibe to the Palm Springs of sunny California.


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