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ONE HEART FILMS | Stories of Love 웨딩 비디오 그래피 @oneheartfilms #weddingvideography #torontoweddings


Truth: No matter how much you want to deny it (to be “practical”), you’re kind of way over your head in planning for this perfect wedding with extravagant luxuries! Seriously, it’s all about customized detailing on everything and anything! *goal? make it fabulous enough to make your fr-enemies die with raging envy* Ladies, don’t deny that thought of needing to find the Disney princess dress of…

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땡규 틴탑 thanks TEEN TOP★ #highkicktour stopover in Toronto, complete…until next time! & now back to Seoul…


Interior Design | Hard Rock Palm Springs 2.0 #architecture #interiordesign #palmsprings


When hearing “Palm Springs,” one usually associated the place with a golf vacation and/or retirement. Don’t be getting “Hard Rock Hotel” confused with the famously known, Hard Rock Cafe! Hosting 163 rooms and suites, this oasis hotel is a home away from home, treasure gem. Interior designs by Mister Important Design, this edgy hotel brings another vibe to the Palm Springs of sunny California.


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ARCHITECTURE | LEFT MY HEART IN ISTANBUL #architecture #homedesign #interiordesign #Turkey


I left my heart in ISTANBUL “Our Blood-Brother Motherland”

This home and overall design of space would be the closest to my “ideal” dream home – doesn’t help that I keep changing my mind every other season when the next new shiny thing passes through.

The T House was put together (to-the-tee) by designer, Tanju Ozelgin. Neighboring the district of Bosphorus, this home would be the closest to…

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sometimes our hangouts are randomly captured - in Fashion Magazine.

KPOP|틴탑 TEEN TOP x #HIGHKICKINTORONTO 토론토 콘서트 @teen_top @Krowdpop @INKevents


장난아니에용!! ^__^* ~
…정말이에요!!! ㅋㅋ…
드디어, 틴탑이 토론토에 온다!!

틴탑 1004에게 / Dear Teen Top Angels,

Your (incredibly) beyond-amazing hard work has paid off mes cheris!! CONGRATS and big applause to everyone who took part in this ultra special (and time sensitive) campaign over these stressful couple weeks! Alas, the overwhelming requests, interest and (most importantly) the funding has been counted and…

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do you Fendi aussi?¿

YG LAND X 2015 SOCAL @ygent_official #KPOP #OrangeCounty


The best of the best will soon be making its way across the globe and breaking ground in SOCAL – the OC to be more specific! You don’t have to be a KPOP fanatic to know the top entertainment companies with the greatest talent exports.

YG Entertainment is in the works to set up a “YG Land” in Southern California (Orange County) to jump-start their advancement into the North American market.

As for…

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Escape: Archilove x Sydney #architecture #artsandculture #australia


Down by the bay…

A perfect definition of a contemporary home would best be described with a simple visual explanation – designed by Rolf Ockert, the R Houseis an example of what modern design would look like if it was to stand throughout the decade but still look like “new.” Honestly though, this home reminds me of a cultural museum in Seoul, South Korea with similar detailing, layout and…

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Escape x Quebec Barn House #architecture #CanadianHomes

Although rustic and “earthy” living is all the rage these days with contemporary interior design, I honestly can’t grasp the idea of actually loving this “concept” enough to want to have my entire home renovated around this idea. If we’re talking about a cottage (or in my case, summer home), I just MIGHT be able to handle it.

The Malbaie VIII Residence in Quebec, Canada is a perfect example of…

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students in #Seoul just naturally dress better than North Americans #sorrynotsorry #streetstyle